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TexaCola Tuesday: Ocho at Hotel Havana

TexaCola, Hotel Havana, Ocho, Riverwalk
Mojo Chicken at Ocho in Hotel Havana

Havana Ooo nana! The savory wings found on the "plato" section are mojo marinated, jerk seasoned, topped with grilled pineapple and served with mint yogurt creme. We paired this delicious dish with our Mexican cane sugar, honey infused, citrus soda TexaCola. Let's just say the two combined like the rhythms of a tropical beat. Once again proving that savory flavors do well with our San Antonio made soda.

The Hotel Havana was founded in 1914 by local grocer Edward Franz Melcher. His vision was to create a tropical allure. Any modern day visitor will surely feel the tropical Cuban vibe as soon as you set foot into the hotel lobby. Antique furniture, mahogany finishes and tropical music set up a relaxing and nostalgic experience.

Nestled along the river in a glass conservatory at the Hotel Havana sits Ocho. Ocho a restaurant and bar serves cuisine influenced by the hotel's pan-Latin cultural influences from Mexico, Cuba and Texas. TexaCola is available on the menu and compliments the menu extremely well.

Hotel Havana, Ocho and Havana Bar are located in downtown San Antonio 1015 Navarro, 78205. In close proximity to the Tobin Center and Southwest School of Arts. Learn more about this hidden gem by visiting their website by clicking here.

See ya'll next Tuesday!

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