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Using a jockey box made by Gregg, Southside Craft Soda served its first soda at an Anguiano family party. The original Honey Cola, which was the beginning of Beeville Honey Vanilla. December 2017

GREGG and Andrew.jpg

Gregg and Andrew sampling their first soda at the Hoppy Monk in 2018.


First pallets of Texa Cola produced in February of 2019


Limoncito and Beeville introduced into the market in 2020


 A Story Crafted on the Southside 

Imagined in 2017 by seasoned food marketer Andrew Anguiano and Brewmaster-Chef Gregg Spickler, Southside Craft Soda is deeply intertwined with the vibrant heritage of South Texas. They skillfully blend familiar flavors with local nuances to craft uniquely refreshing beverages. In mid-2019, their debut creation, TexaCola, made its mark in the market and rapidly expanded its presence across Texas, courtesy of H-E-B Grocery. They're honored that numerous craft breweries, upscale restaurants, and esteemed establishments have embraced their soda, a testament to its flavor recognized by true aficionados.


South Texas Roots

When Southside Craft Soda Co-Founder Andrew Anguiano conceived the idea to start a soda company, it was inspired by his family's longstanding legacy in the area. For nearly 300 years, his ancestors cultivated the land surrounding the World Heritage Site, Mission San Jose, crafting unique flavors that sustained them. From growing their own ingredients to relying on the adjacent San Antonio River, the fusion of Mexican and Texan (Mex-Tex) cuisine was born.

Local Flavors, Honey-Infused Soda is Born

In 2017, Andrew's good idea became a great one when he reconnected with co-founder Gregg Spickler. A professional brewer and apiculturist (beekeeper), Gregg's culinary expertise and knack for blending flavors transformed Andrew's vision into reality. The first flavor, "Honey Cola," evolved into their Beeville, a cherry spiced soda with a complex blend of ingredients and honey. Additionally, their first lineup of sodas included a citrus cola, now Texa Cola, and an array of experimental flavors.

Southside's First Tap

In June 2018, Southside unveiled its first tap on the Southside of San Antonio at Nineteen17, located within the Embassy Suites Brooks. By paying homage to culinary traditions, Southside preserves the rich heritage of the region while crafting distinctive beverages that resonate with locals and newcomers alike.

First Bottling Run

After initially distributing soda from kegs, the duo secured their first investment from family and friends, enabling their inaugural bottling run. Why bottles? It was simply what they had available. In February 2019, leveraging their connection at a local craft brewery, they successfully produced nearly 800 cases, amounting to roughly 16 pallets of soda. Subsequently, H-E-B Central Market purchased 11 of those pallets, followed swiftly by H-E-B stocking the product in 180 stores.

New Bottled Sodas

Following an unexpectedly successful grocery launch, the company swiftly introduced two new flavors by the end of 2019: Beeville, their original soda, and Limoncito, a lemon-lime soda inspired by local Fruiterias. Both flavors were picked up by H-E-B and Central Market.


With approximately 40 pallets of product on hand, the company, like many across the country, found themselves with surplus inventory during the pandemic, awaiting market reopenings to restock grocery shelves. During this downtime, the company focused on showcasing local customers and initiated Go Local Giveaways to raise awareness for struggling restaurants.

By the summer, as grocery stores resumed product placement, the company began exploring the addition of a root beer to its lineup. In early 2021, Root Bexar was introduced, incorporating a local twist by extracting mesquite bean flavor to infuse an earthy sweetness into the soda.

Move to Cans

In August 2023, the local brewery on which the company relied for production doubled their costs for bottling. This setback nearly pushed them to the brink of closure. However, through quick thinking and leveraging their experience, the duo secured a new investor and located a new manufacturer. While bottles held a nostalgic appeal, they proved unsustainable on multiple fronts. In February 2024, the company shifted production to cans, which were released the following month.

Root Bexar brings the first commercialized root beer with mesquite bean to the market. 


Cans replaced bottles in March of 2024

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