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Tasty TexaCola Tuesday: MexSnax Chickpeas

If you need more proof that all good things come from Texas look no further than this Tasty TexaCola Tuesday snack combination. Similar to TexaCola, these chickpeas were created with the blending of Texan and Hispanic cultures in mind, making this the TexMex snack of your dreams.

In 1986 a man named Luis Gonzales noticed the growth of the Latino population in Dallas and started to think of a way to bring Mexican style snacks to the city. Thus, MexSnax was born! This line has an array of salty and spicy snacks including these crunchy chickpeas, chichurritos, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, gum, and various Mexican candies. You can find most of these snacks, along with TexaCola, at your neighborhood H-E-B.

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