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Tasty TexaCola Tuesday: Beef Sticks

Hey guys, Marina here! Curious about what tastes best with our one-of-a-kind TexaCola? So were we! Our team has set out to find the tastiest, Texiest, oh-my-god-you-have-to-try-this-est snacks that perfectly pair with a cold TexaCola.

The first stop on this journey was Bolner's Meat Company on South Flores Street. Built in 1914, this family owned meat market offers an array of specialty items including pig, lamb, rabbit, and stuffed chicken. Our focus today was the easy to pick up Jalapeño Cheese Beef Stick. The savory cheesiness partnered up delightfully with the sweet and refreshing citrus finish of TexaCola. It's almost a requirement that a Texas made soda pairs well with beef. We think this duo has a future together.

Stay tuned for more Tasty TexaCola Tuesdays! If you have any suggestions, tweet or message us and we'll check it out! Make sure you visit Bolner's Meat Company to pick yourself up a Jalapeño Cheese Beef Stick and check out their impressive collection. Till next week!

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