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Looking For Limoncito?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

With the weather heating up and the clock moving back; it's official- Spring is here to stay in Texas! In 2019 Southside launched Limoncito, an agua fresca-inspired lemon lime soda sweetened with Texas honey and cane sugar, specifically with this time of year in mind. A refreshing drink for hot and humid weather, Limoncito is the perfect complement to both savory and spicy dishes and a great mixer with a variety of spirits. Today Limoncito is available in over at several H-E-B Grocery Stores, Central Markets and other fine establisments.

Have you been #LookingforLimoncito? Visit some of our amazing stores below:

- Lick Ice Cream (Austin & San Antonio): Our ice creams are made from a custom and proprietary base mix that we created, are always monitoring and will never stop improving. We know every single ingredient in it! - Camp Outpost: Camp is a casual American dining experience that serves quality rotisserie-driven, wood-fired comfort food with efficiency and flair.

-Alamo Beer Company: A San Antonio Classic. This brewery has everything from live music, cornhole, craft beers and craft soda.

-Dos Sirenos: A family owned brewpub with live music, games, wine, craft brews, and craft soda.

-Kunstler Brewing: A chill sports brewpub offering handcrafted beers, charcuterie & cheese plates, TVs, games, and our craft soda

-Longtab Brewing: A veteran-owned brewpub, coffee bar, and micro production brewery that honors the history and culture of veterans of the US Amy Special Forces, of "Green Berets."

-Park Bar at the Pearl : What culinary destination would be complete without a comfortable perch for a cold beer or a relaxing glass of wine? Park bar's menu features a carefully curated, ingredient-driven beverage program - with an emphasis on Texas beer and seasonal offerings.

-Cullum's Attagirl: Greasy glitz and glam Texas French, Fried Chicken located right off the perpetually classy North Saint Mary's Strip in San Antonio, Texas

-Bobo's Snack Bar (Austin): A wine, beer & cocktail bar that serves snacks featuring artisans and producers from within 100 miles of Austin.

- Zeitman's Grocery (Bryan): Bakery, Delicatessen, Kitchen/Household Essentials, and Local Products. Fresh, Local, Convenient.

And that's not all! Keep an eye out and do us a favor? Please ask for it.

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