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Turn It Up To 11 with Southside and the Crocketteers!

San Antonio are you ready to turn it up to 11 with us this soccer season!? We're so excited to be announcing our partnership with the Crocketteers, San Antonio's Premier Soccer Support Group!

Who are the Crocketteers?

"Victory or Death"- that's the motto and mindset of the Crocketteers, San Antonio's Premier Soccer Support Group. Since 2009 the Crocketteers have been uniting soccer fans under one banner and putting San Antonio on the radar of professional soccer teams. They believe a team is only as strong as it's fanbase and have created a family of dedicated soccer fans in the city. Together we're cheering on the San Antonio FC and the San Antonio Athenians Soccer Club as they #Defend210 this season!

Where Does Southside Come In?

What's the best way to bring together a community? Why, a big ole' Texas sized feast, of course! On every Saturday home game from 4pm-6:30pm, the Crocketteers host a tailgate complete with food, beer, and drinks. As a partner, we here at Southside are looking forward to being a part of these tailgates and partaking in the fun with the soccer community! The best part of these tailgates? Everything is FREE!

Game Schedule

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