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Texas Craft Soda made for Low & Slow

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

If you're like us and a lot of ya'll are, we love Texas BBQ. Whether it's brisket smoked with post oak or fajitas over mesquite, Texas is known for its savory meats and if you need sauce, well we won't judge.

Here at Southside Craft Soda, we are driven to produce craft soda with familiar flavors with our South Texas spin. You'll find real citrus in pure cane TexaCola, and mesquite bean in our Root Bexar and that natural lemon-lime sweet tartness in our Limoncito. Each flavor is more than craft soda, it's a multi-sensory post card from South Texas and is absolutely ABSOLUTELY made for Texas food.

Since the day we launched at a legendary Southside BBQ joint, B&B Smokehouse, we've known that there was no better pair. So what makes our soda so perfect with BBQ? We thought you'd never ask.

TexaCola uses Mexican Cane Sugar in our crafted cola, with our unique blend of orange, lemon and lime juice, we mix in some local honey and add just the right amount of fizz. Some folks think you are drinking two different sodas, a cola and a citrus soda. Well that's on purpose. We want you to enjoy the experience not just call it "nice."

Now, Root Bexar, there's a craft soda. We make it in Bexar County, pronounced "Bear" The name Bexar, comes from the Spanish word Abeja, meaning bee. And how fitting that we add honey to our version of root beer! A traditional root beer, we add cane sugar and just enough of mesquite bean to say there is mesquite bean in there. Mesquite bean in a soda, now if that doesn't sound like it's made for BBQ, I don't know what planet you are from.

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