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In March a new era begins with cans

Updated: Feb 2

Texa Cola, Limoncito, Root Bexar, Locally Made Craft Soda, San Antonio, Texas, Visit San Antonio
Southside Craft Soda bringing TexaCola, Limoncito and Root Bexar in can

Southside Craft Soda is set to launch the canned versions of their beloved local craft sodas in March. Despite the nostalgic charm of bottles, various factors led to the decision to phase them out, as the process had become unsustainable. While retaining the original flavors, the shift to cans opens up new avenues for consumers to savor the South Texas-inspired beverages.

"Our transition to the new format positions our company for long-term growth," affirmed Andrew M. Anguiano, Co-Founder and CEO. "Improved product handling, advancements in can containment technology, and our commitment to using real ingredients collectively make this move beneficial for all."

The company temporarily suspended sales in December and January to recalibrate and focus on future strategies.

"It has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging periods in our five-year history," Anguiano admitted. Southside Craft Soda made its debut in 2019 with the introduction of Texa Cola, a citrusy cola that quickly gained popularity and secured a place on the shelves of regional grocery giant H-E-B. The company has since maintained a consistent supply of soda, introducing additional flavors such as Limoncito and Root Bexar.

Weathering the challenges of the pandemic, the company recently confronted its most significant hurdle—escalating packaging, ingredient, and logistics costs. In late summer, a sudden 100% increase in manufacturing expenses prompted an immediate and unplanned pivot.

"We knew price increases were inevitable, but passing that burden onto the customer was not an option. To survive, we had to make tough decisions, and we trust our customers understand the challenges faced by small producers like us. We believe they'll continue to support us," concluded Andrew.

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