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Fiesta Forever with these Three Limoncito Mix Ideas

Updated: May 7

Fiesta San Antonio has arrived, and we're bursting with excitement to share our Fiesta Flavor fiesta with you! Dive into the cool vibes of our Limoncito craft soda, crafted with zesty lemon and lime, kissed with natural honey, sweetened with pure cane sugar, and bubbling with effervescence. It's your ultimate thirst-quencher for those sizzling South Texas afternoons, and the ultimate canvas for crafting creative cocktails.

Our resident Mixing Maven, Ande McBay, has truly outdone herself with a spectrum of sensational concoctions that elevate our Fiesta spirit to dizzying heights. But hey, don't just take our word for it—saddle up your taste buds and embark on a flavor journey yourself. With every sip, transform any ordinary day into a bona fide FIESTA!


This perfect Fiesta drink hits all the flavory notes! A margarita with a San Antonio strawberry paleta twist.

1.5 ounces Tequila (Campo Bravo Tequila)

1/2 cup Triple Sec

1-12 ounce Limoncito

Fresh strawberries

Strawberry Paleta

Salted Rim (Hawaiian Sea Salt)

Light up cubes

Rim the glass with salt. Add the light up ice cubes. Stir in the ingredients.

MOCKTAIL IT: Simply use a strawberry paleta, strawberries and Limoncito to make a fun Fiesta drink!


We love our San Antonio river and it deserves the perfect Fiesta drink. Our salute to our home is obviously awesome.

1-2 cups ice

Fill Bowl with 1-2 bottles of Limoncito

Drench with Blue Curacao (About One cup)

4-6 Ounces Vodka (Wheatley Vodka (by Buffalo Trace)

Nerds Candy to fill bottom

1/2 cup of Triple Sec

*You are allowed to take the liberty of adding as much or not as much as you need! Make it the way you want it.

DON'T FORGET! Make it the riverwalk by adding the following:

A fork (it's the riverwalk)

A rubber duck (it's the riverwalk)

Light up cubes

Bendy straws & umbrellas


No matter how you say it, this drink is super suave. Using local ingredients, you will perpetually be reminded of NIOSA's College Night.

2 oz Seersucker Gin (cause it's local!)

2 oz Fevertree Tonic Water (glows under black light)

1/2 cup of Pink Lemonade

little bit Rose Gold cocktail glitter

1 Limoncito bottle to top off


Light up cubes...cause it's Fiesta!

*The oils in the gin vs the acid in the pink lemonade will make the glitter swirl around constantly with the ice. It will be beautiful!

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