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Fiesta Flavor Fun! Limoncito Cocktails

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Fiesta has started in San Antonio and we're ready to share our Fiesta Flavor! Limoncito is made with real lemon and lime, local honey, cane sugar and a lot of bubbles. It's a refreshing craft soda for hot South Texas days OR as a great base to fun cocktails. Mixing Maven, Ande McBay, pushes our Fiesta limits with these amazing concoctions. Try them yourself and turn any day into a Fiesta!

1. THE RIVERWALK (fishbowl)

- Limoncito bottle

- Blue Curacao

- Wheatley Vodka (by Buffalo Trace)

- Nerds Candy

- Triple Sec

- a fork (it's the riverwalk)

- a rubber duck (it's the riverwalk)

- Light up cubes

- bendy straws & umbrellas

Instructions: Have Fun! Put just a little to taste and increase to your liking.


- Limoncito

- Seersucker Gin

- Fevertree Tonic Water (glows under black light)

- Pink Lemonade

- Rose Gold cocktail glitter

- Ice

*The oils in the gin vs the acid in the pink lemonade will make the glitter swirl around constantly with the ice. It will be beautiful!


- Salted Rim

- Campo Bravo Tequila

- Triple Sec

- Limoncito

- Fresh strawberries

- Light up cubes

- Strawberry Paleta


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