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TexaCola: A New Texas Legend

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

TexaCola is inspired by the flavors of our hometown and growing up in South Texas.

So how did we think of TexaCola? Well it's kind of a long story and since this is a blog I think we have enough room to tell it! You see in the Summer of 2017 I had this make a craft soda. And not to make craft soda using weird ingredients, but to make them approachable. Flavors real people know and enjoy. After a few false starts and ideas that didn't go anywhere a chance meeting with Gregg led to a conversation about him making a soda.

You see, Gregg, is a brewer. He makes beer. What I didn't know at the time was he was also an apiculturist (beekeeper) and a maker of pretty much everything. This guy also makes soap out of the remaining mash from breweries. Pretty cool? Huh. What I also didn't know was that Gregg knew how to make soda!

I had known Gregg off and on from our time at Alamo Beer Company. I had worked with Eugene, founder of Alamo, for several years prior to opening his manufacturing facility. You could say, I was Gene's marketing sidekick (I forgot to mention that I did own my own marketing shop for 10 Years). Just after the brewery opened, that's when I met Gregg, who was the lead brewery. By the way, our first batches are being bottled at Alamo because of the great relationship we have with the guy. Eugene is a good guy.

Okay, there's some backstory, so where was I? Oh yes, Gregg makes Soda! This was perfect. I had this idea about creating a soda that captured the essence of my heritage here on the Southside of San Antonio. Growing up in South Texas we are at a crossroads of flavors, the intertwining of European and Native American ingredients. This is where the term "TexMex" was born. And that's what I wanted. Soda that was familiar but had touches of South Texas.

After hearing this vision, Gregg said to me, " why don't we infuse it with local honey?" And that's how Southside Craft Soda was born. The local honey, the regional ingredients, the inspiration of South Texas culture, it all came together.